Towards the end of 2019 the choir successfully applied for a grant from the National Lottery to replace its uniform. Shortly after, Macclesfield Town Council enhanced the fund with its own grant. On receipt of these funds, there was a flurry of activity and a new uniform was agreed (lounge suit, blue and white shirts and two ties of distinctive colour). Sadly the world then entered the Covid pandemic before the uniform could be purchased. Eventually after further global production and transportation issues, the new uniform started to be delivered towards the end of 2021. The choir wished to spend as much of the grant as possible locally thereby recognising the support of Macclesfield Town Council and the Choir's own promotion of Macclesfield. So the ties were designed and purchased via a Macclesfield company (Maccravats) who later donated 50 "Macclesfield silk" pocket hankies.


The uniform will have a trial at Rainow Church on 14th May and then be shown off in all its glory at the Choir's Gala concert - A Night at the Opera - on June 11th.