Macclesfield Male Voice Choir. 


Minutes of a committee meeting held at Macclesfield Methodist Church on 30th January 2020 at 7.30pm. 

In Attendance. H. Newton, J, Robinson, R. Jenner, G. Waters, D. Collins, G. Jones-David.

Apologies for absence.  K. Jones, J. Powell, N. McArthur.

  1. Approval of Minutes. 

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 7th November 2019 were approved. Proposed by J. R, seconded by G.W. and agreed unanimously by the committee. 

2. Section Representatives.

  1. . Concern by some members re the music we are singing and learning – too much non-English language? (GW / DC to write to the member concerned and explain why the committee believes he is wrong) / JR reminded the committee it is solely the MD’s decision but he will discuss with the MD / JR will ask the MD to issue a complete list of what we will be expected to learn and perform in 2020 and that the list has the full backing of the Committee. / RJ pointed out that it is currently a very eclectic mix. Also, given our future events schedule, we are unlikely to perform the same programme to the same audiences twice / DC commented that attendance at and income from our Concerts in 2019 has been better than ever before.

  2. . G.J-D – The choir’s Number 1 concern must be Recruitment. What is being done? (subsequently discussed under #7)

           B1. None 

  1.  None


  1. Music Team remuneration – GW to renew their contracts with parity of remuneration.

  2. Donations and Gift Aid – RJ proposed a number of moves to increase Gift aid, including – Member’s payment for use of Coaches to be ‘Donations’, Advertising to be classed as ‘Donations’.

  3. Control of spending – GW to email members on behalf of the Treasurer reminding them that no-one may spend or commit to spend money, place orders, book transport or accommodation without the prior approval of either Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary.

 4. Mayor’s Charity Ball: GW to email all members asking if they would like to attend then make bookings accordingly. / In light of our recent Grant and Award the Committee approved that our President and Chairman plus partners should represent us, costs to be met by MMVC. / GW to ask our President if he would accept.

5. Strategic Plan Workshops: GJ-D asked for an update on progress. He then agreed to help speed things up by contacting K. Jones, and co-ordinating with J. Powell. The current list of members willing to participate needs to be confirmed but appears to be in the region of 10.

6. Uniform project update: RJ explained that contacts with suppliers and many other choirs had been made. The next steps being to review what has been found and then present to the choir.

It is hoped that we will have a complete re-working of our ‘livery’, i.e. colour scheme, logos, badges, ties. Blazers appear to have been ruled out. It is envisaged that we will have 2 uniforms – a Formal (full-dress) and an Informal.

7. Recruitment update: GW has approached a local recruitment agency for ‘free’ advice and guidance. / GW met a chorister from Devon whose choir had had an immediate improvement by issuing members with ‘Business-cards’ which they hand out when meeting people. It has had an immediate effect. GW will contact suppliers for designs and costs. / It was felt that the older section of our target age group didn’t respond well to Social Media and this direct approach was worth trying.

8. Publicity and Advertising: Laurie Kennard’s email to GW was discussed and it was agreed that GW reply confirming that Laurie was correct in his understanding of the roles they have taken on. This has been done 3ist Jan.

9. Appointments:

The following Appointments have been made and confirmed –

Director of Music – Robert Owens.

Principal Accompanist – Tatyana Goncharuk

Librarians – J. Robinson & J. Webster

Concert Secretary – M. Tute

Fire, Safety, Security Steward – R. Gould

First Aider – M. Devaney

Padre – D. Jones

10.   AOB. 

a) GW received an Event Enquiry to perform at a reception for some visiting foreign dignitaries at Shrigley Hall in July/August. It was approved in principal and JR will discuss with Robert.

Date of next meeting. 

Thursday 12th March

There being no further business the chairman thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9:40 pm. 

Signed as a correct record………………………………. (Chairman)………………….. (date)