Macclesfield Male Voice Choir


An online meeting of the Macclesfield Male Voice Choir (MaccMVC) General Committee was held on Monday 16th November 2020.


Chairman-Harry Newton, Vice Chairman-John Robinson, Treasurer-Bob Jenner,

Secretary-Graham Waters.

Keith Jones, Dave Collins-(T1 Rep), John Powell-(B2 Rep), Bryan Peak-(T2 Rep),

Neil McArthur.

Director of Music-Robert Owens.

Apologies for absence:

Mike Evans-(B1 Rep).

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 7:30pm.

The Chairman thanked Robert Owens for setting up and controlling the Zoom facility.

1- Minutes of the previous Meeting - held on 13th July 2020.

The Minutes were unanimously approved. A copy will be sent to the Chairman for signature.

There were no matters arising.

2 -Strategy Group Report – Remit – Name.

Keith Jones, on behalf of the Strategy Group, submitted a report updating the Group’s activities. He requested guidance on the future Remit, Methods and Name of the Strategy Group.

After discussion it was proposed that the Name remains as previous but, whilst

continuing work on strategic issues, the Group should now focus on planning for the

resumption of rehearsals.

The Strategy Group commented on the challenge of planning in a rapidly changing COVID operating environment but committed to start the process at their next meeting on Monday 23rd November. Proposed plans will be then given to the Secretary for confirmation by the Committee. Plans would then be communicated to Choir members by circular or explained to the members by the Section Reps, as appropriate. The Committee approved this proposal. 

3 - Website and Social Media.

The status of the Choir’s Social-Media and Website was raised. 

It was agreed that at their next meeting the Strategy Group will continue their discussions based on a framework broadly in line with ideas expressed during this meeting, and then submit a report to the General Committee. 

Robert Owens gave an update of his progress on creating and restructuring the new website. 

All the difficulties with change of control had now been addressed. Videos were in hand. 

The Recruitment file was still Work-in-Progress. Further testing will be carried out next week. As soon as practical the new site will be released

Robert assured the meeting that the switch over from the existing website to the new will be seamless.

4 – Succession Planning.

The Secretary urged the Committee to consider appointing an Assistant Secretary, as allowed for in Rule 10 of the Choir Constitution. He expressed his concern that there are operational and security matters controlled by the Secretary, for example Charities Commission reporting, but there was currently no one who was approved to act in his absence. All Choir records were now digitised, and the Secretary believes that, for safety, a copy should be held by an authorised member. It will be updated monthly by the Secretary.

The meeting agreed to look into finding an Assistant Secretary.

5 – AGM Contingency plan.

The Secretary raised the question of the next AGM. 

The AGM should normally be held in January, but it is likely that we will still be restricted by the current pandemic. However, under Rule 7 of the Constitution, there is provision for the Committee to sanction a different / later date if necessary. 

Mindful that 4 weeks’ notice must be given it was agreed that, by the end of November 2020, the Secretary will submit to the Committee a consultation document outlining alternatives. This to be discussed in a special meeting in December.

At this point Robert Owens left the meeting and handed Zoom control to Neil McArthur.

6 – Financial Update.

The undernoted Financial Update, previously submitted for scrutiny to the Committee by the Treasurer, was discussed, approved and adopted. 

Update on the Choir's accounts based on income/expenditure up to and including 10th November 2020. 

1 - Balance at 10/11/20; £17231.13

2 - Income through to the end of the year will now be only the amount of donations that we may or may not receive, negligible. 

3 - Expenditure, whilst known, is slightly variable depending on the timing of various "bills". For example, we could pay our 2021 Insurance in December but the 2021 NAC Membership in January. 

4 - As a result of various responses to; a) the 100 Club prize distribution, b) Cornwall deposits repayment or otherwise, our balance carries a number of "deposits". In the most part I have excluded them as well as the ring-fenced funds (uniform grants). 5 – 5 - Therefore, allowing for known payments through to the end of year our final balance will be circa £7500. This is consistent with our stated financial aim for the ongoing reserves (rainy day fund) and provides for a viable re-commencement of activities in January 2021. 

The Secretary was instructed to send the Report to the Membership.

The meeting was then told that since this update was submitted a very generous donation has been received which improves the short/mid-term outlook. 

7 - AOB.

There was no other business to be discussed. 

After agreeing that the next meeting should be held in December, date to be confirmed, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 9:32pm.