Macclesfield Male Voice Choir


Minutes of The Annual General Meeting of held on Monday 27th January 2020 at 7.00pm. At Broken Cross Methodist Church.

  1. The Chairman, Harry Newton opened the meeting at 7.00 and welcomed members.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from; D. Evans, J. Berry, S. Mills, C. Potter, 

  1. The minutes of the last AGM held on the 22nd January 2019 were approved by the meeting and signed by the chairman.  

  2. There were no matters arising.

  3. The treasurer, Bob Jenner gave his report on the accounts, which had previously been circulated among members:

Our financial aims to adhere to our Charity status are to operate a balanced budget over the calendar year and a Contingency reserve appropriate to our circumstances, currently that is c£5000.

The forecast for 2019 was drawn up in late 2018 and met these aims. At the 2019 AGM and after agreeing the annual subscription the choir suggested a new level of remuneration for the Music Team. Accepting this suggestion during the year the Committee felt it prudent to levy an additional one-off subscription. As you can see the outcome was a replenishment of our Reserve. Our end of year balance being approximately £16000 of which £8000 is ring fenced grant money for buying a new uniform.

Apart from subscriptions nett income from Concerts was up significantly in no small part due to the massive publicity effort put in by John and Jan Wilkin, thanks.

The other significant increase was GiftAid resulting from a higher level of donations made to the Choir, mainly via the Patrons scheme, please consider it. We expect a similar high Giftaid in the coming year because of extended use of donations and the subscription increase in midyear. Sponsorship and donations are a significant portion of our income, this year we attracted £450 from Patrons, £960 from people donating Music, £200 from people making general donations and £1420 from sponsorship/advertising and the like. That’s £3000 given in recognition of the choir and a nett contribution to choir funds.

Two questions were raised:

  1. What were the 2018 Late income and payments? - Both referred to the Tatton concert held in December 2018. During January 2019 (after the account had been closed for 2018) we received £150 for an advert we placed in our programme and £54 late payment of tickets. We were invoiced by Tatton £1560.

  2. Is the proposed increase in subscriptions enough or will it have to be increased significantly in 2021? – The Committee has two financial targets for the sustainable operation of the choir; a running balance (reserve fund) of c£5000 and an annual income/expenditure budget that is broadly balanced. Our expenditure is largely fixed but our income is notoriously variable as it is dependent on the size of the choir and the financial success of concerts (some of which are not scheduled at this time). Our income forecasts are conservative to reduce the impact of risk. Note that the £8000 uniform fund is completely excluded from the forecast, it is a separate fund. The carried forward balance going into 2020 is forecast at c£8000.(Note: This ended up at £7300) Our income for 2020 is forecast at c£15500 based on a subscription of £150 (2019 final payment), a slightly smaller choir than this year, and four concerts that will contribute additional funds after all expenses are paid. Two further  concerts are planned for charitable causes and therefore will cover just expenses but not contribute to choir funds.(Note: on a like for like basis 2019 income was£20000) Our expenditure is forecast at c£18700 this comprising the cost of new music, administration (including website, insurance and NAC membership) and the cost of rehearsals. The potential shortfall of £3200 can be "claimed" out of the reserve fund and still in a 2020 carried forward balance (reserve fund) of c£5000.(Note: the slightly smaller carried forward reserve fund would result in a 2020 reserve fund being slightly under the £5000, this is balanced by the conservative forecast for income which is 25% lower than 2019)

  1. The meeting was asked to endorse the increase in subscriptions for 2020 to £150. Two members voted no so the motion was carried by a large majority. 

Chairman’s report -

I am now at the end of year two as your chairman and I have one more year to go. Not everything has gone perfectly during the year, but I think that by and large it has been a good year. 

We have now completed our second year with Robert as our musical director and I think our singing and music range has made very good progress.

You have heard from our treasurer that thanks to the increase in membership contributions, music donations and the hard work of many members to insure the financial success of our concerts, we have achieved a balanced budget for the the year.

We had a change of venue for our Gala concert at the Fallibroome Performance Hall. Musically and financial the concert was a success, but the comfort of the venue drew some unfavorable comments from our audience. The committee has decided that this year the Gala concert will held at Saint Michaels and all Angels Church.

Our concert at Wilmslow with Backbeat a’Capella was again a great success musically and financially. This was due in a large part to the work put in by Keith Jones, David Collins and their helpers.

We also had concerts at Llandudno And with Chester Ladies which went well.

Our weekend visit to The Isle of Man for the Choral Festival was very enjoyable and memorable. Although we did not win the Competition, I think we were happy with the standard of our performance. Thanks are due to Graham Waters and David Hyde for organising the transport and excellent hotel accommodation.

The Remembrance concert at Macclesfield Methodist Church with Jayne Carpenter as our guest artist was very successful and raised a good donation to The Macclesfield branch of the Royal British Legion.

Our Christmas concert at Langley went very well. 

For the organising of all these events I would like to record my thanks to everyone for all the time and hard work put in. 

I Would also like to say a big thank Robert and Tatyana for the work they have put in during the year. I think you will agree we are very fortunate to have such a talented duo supporting us. 

We are aiming to achieve a balanced budget again this year. This will mean that we should aim to not have a deficit on any of our activities and will require much dedication and hard work from us all.

Again, If we need to hire a coach to any of our events this this should be paid for by the choir members and guests using it in the same way that we would if we were using our own vehicles.

I hope that the sponsoring of new music will continue so that we can see our name on the copies “before we die.” This can be done for as little as a donation of £160 and gift aid would increase this to £200 for choir funds. if you can help with this just have a word with John Robinson.

I think we should try to get more patrons. This involves making a suggested donation of  £50 to

choir funds in return the patron receives a VIP ticket to our Gala concert. This donation is also eligible for gift aid.

I would like to say a big “Thank you” to our wives and girlfriends for the support they give us, in particular the front of house duties they carry out so efficiently.  

During the year we have had a very strong and hard-working committee. They really have shown great dedication to the choir and deserve a big thank you. I think that one of the key jobs in any organisation is that of the general secretary and I think Graham has done a great job in his first year in the role. 

Although we have lost a few members during the year we have had a number of new members this year and we offer them a very warm welcome and hope they will enjoy many years of singing with us.

We have an exciting year ahead and I’m sure you will continue to give the choir your best support. If we all do that we can only go from strength to strength.

  1. Election of Officers:

Vice Chairman.     John Robinson              

Treasurer.              Bob Jenner.

Secretary.               Graham Waters.

All were returned unopposed.

Election of General Committee members:

K. Jones 

N. McArthur 

Both were returned unopposed.

Election of Section Representatives.

T1 Representative.     David Collins.

T2 Representative.   Geraint Jones-David. 

B1 Representative    D. Evans

B2 Representative     J. Powell

All were returned unopposed.

  1. Newly elected members take up their posts.

12.   Musical Directors Report.

2019 has been a brilliant year for MMVC.

We have come on extremely well and have had some amazing performances, of which I am extremely proud!

Two performances were outstanding. Firstly at The RNCM and then at The Isle of Man Festival, where we performed exceptionally well, even though the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped for.

We are definitely not the same choir as in January 2019.

Moving on this year I want us to keep improving at the same rate of progression and I believe the current methods are working well.

The proof is in the pudding, but I really think we are now starting to get the recipe right for our audiences.

We still have a way to go but that is just the fun of it......

Finally, I just ask everyone to keep working hard and to keep striving for better.

Thank you for your efforts.

13.   Registrars Report.

Geoff Molyneux announced that, due to the changes to rehearsal schedules, he believed it was no longer relevant to record rehearsal attendance. However, he will record Concert attendances.

Geoff will continue to monitor records of personnel and Patrons, Honorary Members as before.

The meeting approved and thanked him for his work.

14.    Appointments to be made at first committee meeting on 29th January 2019.

1.  Musical Director. 

2.  Accompanist.

3.  Librarians 5. Registrar.

8.  Publicity Officer. 

9. Padre. 

10. Fire safety/security steward.

11. Concert Secretary.

12. First Aider.

There being no other business of the AGM the Chairman closed the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Signed as a correct record…………………………………..Chairman…………………….Date.