Macclesfield Male Voice Choir


An online meeting of the Macclesfield Male Voice Choir (MaccMVC) General Committee was held on Thursday 11th February 2021.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman at 7:30pm.

1 - Present: Chairman-Harry Newton, Vice Chairman-John Robinson, Treasurer-Bob Jenner,

Secretary-Graham Waters, Director of Music-Robert Owens. Keith Jones, John Powell-(B2 Rep), Bryan Peak-(T2 Rep), Mike Batson-(B1 Rep).

2 - Apologies for Absence: Neil McArthur. D. Collins-(T1 Rep).

3 – Minutes of Previous Meeting: Acceptance was proposed by J. Powell, seconded by J. Robinson and approved by all present.

4 – Matters Arising from 3 above: 

  1. Acceptance of Concert Procedure document.

The document had previously been circulated to the Committee.

B. Peak’s suggestion, that it should be held in abeyance until it could be tested in use at our first event and then modified as necessary, was approved. 

The Committee thanked Neil McArthur and others involved in the development of this very useful tool.

  1. Martin Tute had expressed concern that David Hyde’s contribution to the Uniform Project had not been acknowledged in the Minutes of the previous meeting. 

The Chairman clarified why, other than the Team Leaders involved, no names were mentioned in his Annual Report and confirmed that he had written an explanation to Martin pointing out that the efforts of everyone involved were valued and appreciated. When asked if there had been any further correspondence, the Chairman said that he had heard no more and assumed the matter was satisfactorily concluded.

5 – Financial update: The Treasurer submitted the following overview of our Financial situation. 

“Due to continued uncertainties, it is impossible to give anything other than an approximate estimate of the "cash flow" situation going forward. 

However, the current balance is c£7000 including a £240 refund still to be claimed from Morten Hall. 

March payments and small sundry costs will reduce this to c£5900 by the end of March. 

Our outstanding Gift-Aid claim, which is about to be entered, is worth c£1400 and should be received some time in May. 

At our last meeting we agreed a protocol for reviewing and approving the action/s we should be prepared to take re meeting our fixed commitments, including remuneration of the Music Team during lockdown,

If we continue to meet our commitments April through June at the current rate, our balance will temporarily fall below £5k but will reach the 5k balance figure by end June.”

After discussion it was agreed that the Choir should continue to meet its fixed commitments on the understanding that the situation was kept under constant review.

6-Strategy Group report – K. Jones.

“The main points of the strategy work we undertook last year are still valid, which means that we need to focus on 3 main areas: -

  • IT

Work on the new website and its integration with social media is ongoing.

  • Publicity

Work being undertaken to take back control of the Facebook groups.

  • Recruitment

Plans are in place and will start when rehearsals are back on.

The Strategy Group at present is focusing on what has to be done to restart the choir. This has been done twice and we have been thwarted on both occasions by the epidemic.

Since January we have revisited our strategic outlook. This has been undertaken by looking at 4 different conditions: -

  • Ticking Over (The condition at the present)

  • Allowed to Start

  • Performance start

  • Normal Operation

We have been concentrating on the conditions “Allowed to start” and “Performance start” and are assessing the choir’s preparedness. 

Generally, the Strategy Group believe the Choir is in good condition given the circumstance, however we will report back to the committee should our discussions highlight a problem that we feel needs to be addressed.

One area we have had discussion on relates to our Rules and Constitution. As a group we recommend that in more stable times the Committee look at its policies in greater depth with a view updating its Rules and Constitution.”

The Committee thanked Keith and the Group for the work they were putting in and asked them to continue with their plans.

7- Section Representatives’ Reports:

T1 – D. Collins sent a written note confirming the Section’s majority support of our position re Music Team Payment.

T2 -Nothing to Report.

B1 -Nothing to Report.

B2- Nothing to Report.

8- AOB

  1. The secretary proposed that Members who are authorized to contact the public on the Choir’s behalf should use the new letterhead and also attach the Choir logo banner to emails when corresponding. 

This was approved and the Secretary will make Letterheads available.

  1. J. Powell asked the Committee to approve the Rotary Club ‘Dragons-Den’ application form prepared by Laurie Kennard. Approval was given and the Secretary will write to Laurie authorizing him to proceed and thanking him for his efforts.

9- Date of next meeting:

Thursday 11th March. Unless circumstances dictate a change.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 20:55.