Minutes of The Annual General Meeting of Macclesfield Male Voice choir held on Monday 28th January 2019 at 7.00pm. At Broken Cross Methodist Church

  1. The Chairman, Harry Newton opened the meeting at 7.00 and welcomed members.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Mike Batson, Paul Heritage and David Evans.

  1. The minutes of the last AGM held on the 22nd January 2018 were approved by the meeting and signed by the chairman.  

  2. There were no matters arising.

  3. The treasurer, Bob Jenner gave his report on the accounts, which had previously been circulated among members. The Gala Concert was better than the previous year. Wilmslow was very good thanks to the hard work put in by David and Keith. The Remembrance Concert at Fallibroome Academy was a success allowing a good donation to Help for Heroes. Tatton was a disappointment due to selling some 70 fewer tickets than last year. The Royal Albert Hall trip also generated a loss due to refunding members who were unable to attend even though the money could not be recouped There was £5,000 more spent than received during the year. We have been overspending for the last three years in pursuit of a smaller balance to satisfy the Charity Commission norm of having a one-year surplus to cover our activities in the event of no income. We had £7k at the beginning of 2019 and expect to have £5k to £6k at the end of the year.

He asked for questions and Norman Wood said that the £7k figure was nearer to £6k and went on to ask why we would voluntarily settle for spending £5k more than received. Why is it a good thing and why do we expect £6k at year end? 

The treasurer answered that our costs are fixed in the main at about £15k and that there are 60+ active members who it is proposed that they will be asked to pay £100 subscriptions this year. This will lead to about £6k in come plus any income from concerts and advertising together with Gift Aid income and the money generated by the Patron Scheme which altogether will raise sufficient income to cover our costs and leave the budget in balance at around £5 to 6k.

Martin Tute, supported by Martin Goodwin raised a question about replacing our uniform since ‘it is looking a bit scruffy’

There was some discussion about this question since it has financial considerations and it was decided to refer it to the new committee for further exploration.

6.The meeting was asked to endorse the increase in subs four members voted no so the motion was carried by a large majority. The treasurer also proposed the appointment of Jeremy Bostock as auditor for another year. This proposal was carried by a large majority with one abstention.

Max Hartley asked a question about the extra rehearsals and discovered that our MD has generously offered to provide his services free of his fee for any rehearsals above the number budgeted for last Autumn (70).

There was some support for the idea that if the subs do not cover the extra cost consideration must be given to re-visit the issue because the MD ‘should be paid.’

It was agreed that the subject will be reassessed later in the year by committee.

  1. Chairman’s report.

As we come to the end of my first year as your chairman I think that by and large it has been a very good year. 

We have now completed our first year with Robert as our musical director. With the help and support we have had from Robert the quality of our singing has made very good progress.

As you have heard from our treasurer we have quite a large deficit on the year. In hind sight we probably should have been more prepared for this. The cancelation of our joint concert with Chapel en le Frith Ladies choir was a disappointment and also the fact that we were not invited to Gawsworth caused some of the loss of income.

On the positive side we had a very successful Gala concert which drew favourable comments from our audience and was profitable.

I think we all realise now that taking part in the Llangollan International festival was a big step up for us and although we did not win, we gained a lot from the experience of competing at a very high international standard and had a very enjoyable day.

Our concert at Wilmslow with Backbeat A Capella was a great success musically and financially. This was due in a large part to the work put in by Keith Jones and David Collins.

Our visit to the Royal Albert Hall for the Massed Choir concert was very enjoyable and memorable. For many of us to sing in the RAH was a dream come true.

A new venture this year was the remembrance concert at Fallibroome Performance Hall. I think general opinion was that it was musically successful and we were able to make a good donation to Help for Heroes. In the process of this concert Bob has also established a good contact with the music department at the Fallibroome Academy.

Our Christmas concert at Langley went very well. Our concert at Tatton Park went very well and drew favourable comments form our audience and made a profit. This was due in the main to selling advertising space in our program. Our improved staging and the relocating of the piano helped greatly. Thank you to Tony Williams for his work on this.

For the organising of all these events I would like to record my thanks to our concert secretary, David Hyde for all the time and hard work he has put in. 

I Would also like to say a big thank Robert and Tatyana for the work they have put in during the year. I think you will agree we are very fortunate to have them. 

As Bob has stated we are aiming to achieve a balanced budget in 2019. This will mean that we should aim to not have a deficit on any of our activities. 

If we need to hire a coach to any of our events this should be paid for by the choir members and guests using it in the same way that we would if we were using our own vehicles.

Another idea is that we should follow the example of John Robinson in the sponsoring of new music so that we can see our name on the copies “before we die.” This can be done for as little as a donation of £160 and gift aid would increase this to £200 for choir funds.

I think we should try to get more patrons. This involves making a suggested donation of  £50 to

choir funds in return the patron receives a VIP ticket to our Gala concert. This donation is also eligible for gift aid.

I would like to say a big “Thank you” to our wives and girlfriends for the support they give us, in particular the front of house duties they carry out so efficiently.  

During the year we have had a very strong and hard-working committee. They really have shown great dedication to the choir and deserve a big thank you. 

We have had a good number of new members this year and we offer them a very warm welcome and hope they will enjoy many years of singing with us. I think word is getting around that we are a good choir to sing with.

Finally, I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Ciaran who is retiring from his duties as our secretary after eight years of devoted service to the choir. I hope he will continue to sing with us for many years to come.

  1. Election

The committee membership is subject to election every year, except for the Chairman who holds office for three years.

The nominations for 2019 are as follows

Vice Chairman.                           John  Robinson              

Treasurer.                                    Bob Jenner.

Secretary.                             Graham Waters.

Election of Section Representatives.

T1  Representative.              David Collins.

T2  Representative.              Geraint Jones-David. 

B1  Representative               John Wilkin.

B2  Representative               Forbes Furmage.

 Election of 2 General Committee Members.

There was an important oversight this year in that an ineligible nomination paper was accepted and has therefore been declared void.

Keith Jones has been properly nominated and is available for one of the positions.

The second General Representative has yet to be identified and will be co-opted on to the committee when a suitable candidate has been found.

There were no other nominations so the members above were all elected unanimously by the meeting,

11. All newly elected Committee Members take up their positions with at once.

The outgoing General Secretary congratulated Graham Waters and assured him of support into the future and left the platform.

The new General Secretary paid tribute to the work Ciaran had done and assured him he will endeavor to keep up Ciaran’s high standards.

The current President’s term of office has expired. The Chairman will write a letter of thanks to her on behalf of the Choir.

The Chairman then proposed that, in recognition of Ciaran’s dedicated service to MMVC, he should be asked to accept the position of President for the forthcoming five-year term.

This was duly seconded, approved and accepted.

12.   Musical Directors Report.

Good evening, I would like to start by saying that I have really enjoyed my first year with the choir.
We have made some big steps forward with our technique and repertoire, we are now a different choir than we were 12 months ago.
We had a great Gala concert and brilliant finish to 2018 with Tatton.
A special mention for Llangollen as it was an amazing experience and I was really impressed by how we all pulled together to make sure that we held our own and we did our selves proud to get a great mark and feedback from the judges panel.
I would like to thank you for all your hard work in and out of rehearsals and for your commitment. Looking forward to this years concerts and competitions and looking for new challenges along the way.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Tatyana for her continued support and talent that she brings to the choir.
Looking forward to see how things progress from here and for the challenges ahead.

13.   Registrars Report.

Geoff Molyneux 

2018 Rehearsal Attendance Records

Average: 69%

Section Records:

2017-               2018-

T1  79.4%         68%

T2  74%            64%

B1  72.7%         72%

B2  72.6%         72%

Average attendances:

2009 – 79% (64 Members)

2010 – 77% (65)

2011 – 76% (72)

2012 – 75% (71)

2013 – 75% (67)

2014 – 71% (73)

2015 – 73% (73)

2016 – 73% (68)

2017 – 75% (65)

2018 – 69% (63)

14.    Appointments to be made at first committee meeting on 29th Janruary 2019.

1.  Musical Director. 

2.  Accompanist.

3.  Librarians 4. Comperes. 5.  Registrar.

6.  Platform steward.  7. Uniform Secretary.

8.  Publicity Officer. 9. Padre. 10. Gift Aid secretary. 11. Fire safety/security steward.

12. Concert Secretary.

There being no other business of the AGM the Chairman closed the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Signed as a correct record…………………………………..Chairman…………………….Date.