Macclesfield Male Voice choir. 


Minutes of a Management Committee meeting held at Macclesfield Methodist Church on 29th January 2019 at 7.30pm. 

In Attendance. 

Harry Newton, John Robinson, David Hyde, Graham Waters, Forbes Furmage, David Collins, John Wilkin, Keith Jones, Geraint Jones-David. 

Apologies for absence.  Bob Jenner. Don Riseley

Approval of Minutes. 

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 20th November 2018 were approved. Proposed by Harry Newton, seconded by John Robinson and agreed unanimously by the committee. 

Matters arising from previous minutes. 

Financial Update.                                                                       

 In his absence the Treasurer submitted an update of Finance Figures and Forecast:

Balance at 21/1/2019 = £7412.85. This is overstated £1560 to pay Tatton and £25 to be received for an advert.

Based on number of Members likely to subscribe, the Music Donation Initiative and 2 rehearsals a week he has revisited the forecast he distributed before Christmas and therefore this is now showing a potential further decrease of £2000 to £5412.85.

It was generally felt that, despite the increase in annual membership subscriptions to £100, this was too low for comfort and it was agreed that the Treasurer should, mid-year, review both his forecast and subscriptions.

It was also felt that the Treasurer’s understanding of the Charities Commission view on what was an acceptable balance may be incorrect. 

Geraint Jones-David said that whilst Treasurer at another choir he carried a balance of £50,00 with the approval of The Charities Commission.

Other members present gave examples of Charities holding balances upwards of £15,000.

The Treasurer will be asked to examine this.

Review of Recent Events. 

As at the previous meeting it was recognised that The Remembrance Concert at Fallibroome was a great success and that we should repeat it this year if possible.

Tatton was viewed as a success from the performance point of view however the financial aspect was disappointing. 

The shortfall in our sale of tickets (down from approx. 190 last year to under 150 this year) was the main reason that Tatton have not yet confirmed whether we will be invited again this year. Forbes Furmage estimated that the average sale by each current member was only 2. 

‘Must do better’ was the general opinion and the appointment of a Ticket Secretary should be a priority.

The audience at Langley voted it our best ever concert there. The programme was varied, relevant and interesting. Our singing was described by ‘one-who-knows’ as sounding like a Welsh Choir.

Presentation by Tony Williams.

Concerts at Tatton, and to an extent Fallibroome, have highlighted the need to address staging.

Tony has done sterling work in evaluating our needs and coming up with some solutions.

He gave an excellent presentation using visuals that illustrated how we need to position choristers and conductor in relation to each other to achieve optimum line-of-sight depending on the venue.

In his opinion the most pressing need was to be able to elevate the conductor’s podium and he gave various options.

The meeting approved that Tony approach the Oriana to see if we can buy or rent what we need. Failing that he should come back to us with costing for buying new equipment.

Future Events.

For convenience the appointment of Concert Secretary was brought forward in proceedings.

David Hyde was proposed, seconded and duly appointed.

It was agreed that the in future the Concert Secretary should have full overall control of each event using the Event Spread-sheet.

David Hyde commented on Tatton that there were identified marketing activities that were not carried out which could have impacted ticket sales. There is a good chance we will be asked to return but if our ticket sales fall again that will be the last, we need to up our game in terms of promotion.

Future events – 

a) RNCM – Coaches provisionally booked and GenSec will ask members to confirm their requirements by 13th Feb.

b) Bosley – 16th March in hand.

c) Rape Crisis confirmed. Section Reps asking for numbers.

d) Gala Concert – the venue has yet to be confirmed. 

e) Bollington – confirmed. Tickets now available through Martin Tute.

f) Joint Concert with Backbeat at Wilmslow URC on 28th Sept is confirmed – DC.

g) Llandudno – due to problems outwith our control this has been cancelled. However, it is hoped we can find an alternative date.

h) Gawsworth – David Hyde will check this and report.

i) Flint Ladies – it appears the concert is planned for 5th Oct.

j) IoM – hotel confirmed. Secretary to discuss transport with McCarthy.

k) Low Fell singers 11th July 2020.

Appointments for 2019

Musical Director – Robert Owens.

Principle accompanist – Tatyana Goncharuk.

Librarians – John Robinson, John Webster 

Comperes- TBC

Registrar – Geoff Molyneux

Platform Steward – TBC

Uniform Secretary –Harry Newton

Publicity Officer – TBC

Padre – Dai Jones

Gift Aid Secretary – Don Riseley

Fire, Safety & Security Officer – Ron Gould

Concert Secretary – David Hyde

Section Representatives.

T1. There is general feeling that Robert should not have to attend extra rehearsals FOC. Uniforms are still not up to standard of other choirs. Suggest DJs?

  1.  As with T1 there is a general feeling that Robert should not have to attend extra rehearsals FOC. Investigate whether the Constitution should have been used to justify extra rehearsals. Geraint recommended that the committee should in due course consider a change to the Rule Book, and that the Chairman and Secretary give a private apology to John Berry, whom many in his section felt had made a very valid point. 

B1. Investigate whether the Constitution should have been used to justify extra rehearsals. As in T1 & T2 it is felt that Robert should not have to attend extra rehearsals FOC.

B2. Again it is felt that Robert should not have to attend extra rehearsals FOC. Forbes offered to get our blazers cleaned. This was declined.

Issue of Extra Rehearsals - The strength of feeling was such that it was decided that the Chairman would make a public statement of explanation. The Chairman agreed. 

Robert’s offer not to charge for additional Rehearsals – The Committee decided that we should not accept Robert’s kind offer, but pay him as normal. The Chairman will advise Robert.


a) Martin Tute had requested that we consider the choir wearing a small badge/pin on choir

uniforms in support of “Men against Prostate” a common disease which has affected many of our choir colleagues. It was the general consensus that we should not align ourselves to a specific charity and the request was therefore declined. 

b) The secretary will send Chairman the new choir letterheads so that he can write to members who have resigned and as vote of thanks to Alift. 

David Collins asked that letters not be sent out until all hope of getting resigning members to change their minds was gone. This was agreed.

c) The Treasurer will send out an email to all members regarding paying their subscriptions at the new rate and offering different options.

Date of next meeting. 

Tuesday 5th March 2019.

There being no further business the chairman thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9:55 pm. 

Signed as a correct record……………………………….(chairman)…………………..(date)