Macclesfield Male Voice choir.

 Minutes of a committee meeting held at Macclesfield Methodist Church on 5th March 2019 at 7.25 pm. 

1.             In Attendance. 

Harry Newton, John Robinson, Graham Waters, Forbes Furmage, John Wilkin, Keith Jones, Geraint Jones-David. 

2.             Apologies for absence.  Bob Jenner, David Hyde, David Collins

3.             Approval of Minutes. 

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 29th January 2019 were approved. Proposed by John Robinson, seconded by Keith Jones and agreed unanimously by the committee. 

The Chairman duly signed them.

4.              Matters arising from previous minutes. 

Staging – Tony Williams submitted an excellent written report in which he confirmed that the Oriana were unable to sell, lease or lend us equipment. In view of that he recommended we purchase 3 RQ101 High-Frame-Stands from Stage Systems at an estimated cost of £350.

The committee authorised Tony to proceed subject to getting a firm quote that includes VAT and Delivery.

AGM-Rehearsals. The Chairman and Secretary both confirmed they had spoken to John Berry with an apology.

Broken Cross Church - The Secretary confirmed he had renewed the contract and advised the meeting;

a) a 3% increase in hire-charges had been agreed

b) key holders’ names had been updated to include H.Newton, J.Robinson, J.Webster, H.Carlisle, G.Waters.

Choir Photograph - The Chairman moved that we postpone the decision to spend £150 and seek an alternative from within the Choir.

5.             Financial Update.                                                                      

In his absence The Treasure submitted a written review.

a) The Balance at 3/3/19 is £8736:62 with all bills paid. This is below his projected estimate but taking into account outstanding subscriptions and the earlier than expected purchase of music he believes we are still on track.

b) He confirmed he would, as asked at the previous meeting, review Forecast and Subscriptions sometime in the mid year, with the caveat that Income can only be guessed at this stage.

He reminds us that it was previously agreed that a reserve/balance of £5,000 to £6,000 was reasonable but if our annual income significantly undershoots the forecast then Subscriptions would need to be increased.

c) John Robinson questioned the Treasurer’s statement re the purchase of music saying that it was paid for by donation.

d) Geraint Jones-David said he believed that the ‘reserve/balance of £5,000 to £6,000’ in the Treasurer’s report was inadequate and, based on his previous experience, suggested a minimum of £10,000. This was supported by all present and it was moved by Geraint, seconded by John Robinson, that the Treasure be asked to work towards achieving an operating balance of £10,000 and that a progress report should be included for discussion in each future Management Meeting.

6.             Review of Events since the last meeting.

In his absence David Hyde provided a comprehensive update on:

Bosley – 

a) David and John Wilkin will get 30 tickets for sale within the choir. Secretary is to inform members.

b) David has discussed the cost of Guest Artists with Robert and Robert is going to ask RNCM students.

Rape Crisis Concert –

a) Robert will be asked to contact the organisers for details. Subsequently Robert found that, without informing him, the concert had been cancelled.

Gala Concert –

a) An updated spread-sheet was distributed. Ticket price of £14 was agreed. 

b) John Robinson has agreed to take the lead on this event. The committee thanked him. 

c) Profitable events are essential to our continued success and it was felt that the committee should start asking Choir Members to ‘volunteer’ to take responsibility for aspects of Event Planning in future. It is too much to expect one person to handle everything.

Bollington Festival –

a) the organisers are Paying Robert and Tatyana. We receive a performance fee.

Chapel Ladies-

a) David will prepare a spread-sheet.

b) Promotion- tickets, posters need to be done.

c) Programmes – can we sell advertising on the basis of inclusion in all future Programmes? Wording would need to be different.

Llandudno – 

a) It is back on and needs promoting because we are hiring the church.

b) Ken Wainwright has volunteered to distribute some posters and leaflets

c) David will produce a spread-sheet

Wilmsow URC-

David Collins and Keith Jones are taking the lead on this event

Flint Ladies-

Nothing to do here at this stage.


David has been in touch. We have missed the 2019 brochure but there may still be opportunities for us as supporting acts. 2020 is still a possibility.

7    Concert Planning and Execution. 

Dealt with under 6 above.

8     Associate Membership

The committee felt that at present there is no support for this. We should concentrate on Patrons.                                                                          

 9     Appointments

Publicity and Ticket Sales - John Wilkin.

Recruitment - still vacant.

First Aid – Mike Devaney.

10     Section Representatives.

T1. No report

T2. Would Car Stickers be a good recruitment tool? They already exist, GW to pursue.

B1. Nick Skelton asked if Ladies Section was required for the Gala Concert –YES please.

B2. No reported issues. 

11 AOB

Isle of Man

The Secretary is finalising costs and presented a current review, 


Looking at alternatives, it was agreed that the most cost effective and convenient solution was to hire the coach for the duration and it takes us to Douglas, stays with us and brings us back.


Booking on a Dinner/B&B basis gave us a better price per bed

12    Date of next meeting.       Thursday 11th April  2019. 

There being no further business the chairman thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9:20 pm. 

 Signed as a correct record……………………………….(chairman)…………………..(date)