Minutes of a committee meeting held at Macclesfield Methodist Church on 11th April 2019 at 7.29 pm.

In Attendance.

Harry Newton, John Robinson, Bob Jenner, David Hyde, John Wilkin, Keith Jones, Geraint Jones-David.

David Collins

Apologies for absence. Graham Waters, Forbes Furmage.

Approval of Minutes.

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 5th March 2019 were approved. Proposed by John Robinson,

seconded by David Hyde and agreed unanimously by the committee.

The Chairman duly signed them.

1. Matters arising from previous minutes,

The new choir photo has now been taken for nominal cost by Alice Barrie and will be used in the Gala concert program

2. Financial Update.

Bob Jenner had produced a paper giving the finial update and forecast although it was noted that we had only

had one concert to generate income and the main fund raiser was the Gala concert.

Following a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the priorities were to reduce costs where possible, ensure

up selling of tickets and look for opportunities to generate income. the forecast for this year showed a £3,000

shortfall, but this could be over turned by action from members taking opportunities to promote the choir. It was noted that some members did not sell any tickets.

The number of choir members is currently 55.

3. Events since the last meeting.

It was agreed that the Bosley concert was a success and had shown a small profit.

4.  Future Events.

a] Gala Concert.

John Robinson reported that planning for the Gala concert was well in hand. He had made enquires at Majestic wine and was planning to have wine provided at the interval with a suggested donation of £3 per glass. 

Martin Tute would be arranging for the provision of raffle prizes.

John Wilkin reported that approximately 200 tickets had been sold so far.

It was agreed that the choir dress code would be Dinner suit with white shirt and Blue bow tie.

David Hyde reported that the draft for the concert program printing was well in hand. With a good content of adverts and low printing costs the program will make a good contribution to the financial success of the concert.

b) Llandudno Update.

The venue would be Trinity Church which had been booked. It was agreed that section reps should get commitment of numbers so that we could be sure of a balance choir before any expenses were committed.

Several choir members had agreed to help with publicity in the resort.

c) Isle of Man Update.

The number of members taking part was expected to be sufficient for a good balanced choir.

Graham Waters had provided a paper with full details of costings. This was approved by the meeting.

d) Chapel Ladies.

David Hyde reported that arrangements were in hand.

c) Flint Ladies.

Arrangements are in hand. We would probably need to hire a coach.

8 . Uniform Review.

A lengthy discussion took place regarding choir uniform and David Hyde had done considerable work in visiting Slater Menswear in Manchester with Martin Tute and had brought some samples which have been open to view to the committee.

Following discussion it was agreed that a number of options would be shown pictorially to the membership to try to reach agreement on what image the choir want to portray. Once this has been established then we would look at the options and a reasonable timescale in which this could be achieved.

Geraint Jones-David said for him the main focus of our attention should be on recruitment. It was agreed that this was a priority but it was also noted by John Wilkin that our current image did not encourage younger members to join.

9 . Section Reps.

T1. David Collins reported that some of his section had doubts about the choice of some of our music and

also on the suitability of Fallibroome venue for the Gala concert. it was agreed that we would have a better

idea on this after the results from the concert

10. AOB.

The choir summer break will be for two weeks immediately after the Llandudno concert on the 4th of August. We would recommence on Monday 19th August.

11. Date and venue of next meeting.

Thursday 9th May 2019. at Macclesfield Methodist Church.

There being no further business the chairman thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9:39 pm.

Signed as a correct record……………………………….(chairman)…………………..(date)