Macclesfield Male Voice Choir. 


Minutes of a committee meeting held at Macclesfield Methodist Church on 13th June  2019 at 7.30pm. 

1.             In Attendance. H. Newton, J. Robinson, R.Jenner, G. Waters, G. Jones-David, D. Collins, K. Jones.

2.             Apologies for absence.  D. Hyde, J. Wilkin, F.  Furmage.

3.             Approval of Minutes. 

The minutes of the committee meeting held on 5th May 2019 were approved. Proposed by G. Waters seconded by D. Collins and agreed unanimously by the committee. 

4.              Matters arising from previous minutes. 

  1. Short Focus Meetings - R. Jenner believes these are valuable and explained they should be used for discussing ‘Projects’ and recommended that the first one or two should take place as soon as possible. It was agreed that these meeting need not involve the whole committee. The first would be held on 27th June to discuss current finances and whether it was appropriate to ask Members to agree to an interim payment.

  2. Remembrance Concert – St. Michaels was not available, and an alternative should to be found. The preferred date is 9thNovember.

  3. Events Checklist – The Secretary issued an updated version that included all items that had been proposed over the last months. This to be reviewed by individual Committee members and amended or accepted. The finished article would then go into the Choir ‘Templates’ folder for use. In response to previous comments he also issued a ‘De-brief Document’ of a similar format to be used when analysing the results of an event so that lessons can be learnt.

  1. Future Venues – Based on the negative feed-back re using Fallibroome, R. Jenner proposed that we start looking immediately at alternatives. J. Robinson had already discussed the College on Parklane and intends to visit with Robert.

5.             Financial Update.   

The Treasure reported:

Balance at 11 June is £13759.68. 

Still to pay church and fee for Chapel Ladies concert and to receive two adverts for Gala. This includes IoM

balances. On a like for like basis probably more like £10000 against a forecast of £9000. From a poor

outlook the Chapel Ladies concert will contribute c£400 to funds.

Now the hard work starts; remainder of year is forecast c£9000 nett costs versus nett contributions of

£2400 from Llandudno and Wilmslow, nothing for Flint/Remembrance/Langley (not scheduled). So

costs for remainder of year are now covered if our income forecast is correct then the end of year

balance will be c£2500 against a forecast of c£4000.

After some discussion about how much we should have in reserve, it was believed that an interim payment

by Members might be justified. It was agreed that A Special General Meeting should be called to get approval. The date of 15thJuly was proposed.

6.             Review of Recent Events. 

   Concert with Chapel Ladies - 

This was generally felt to have been a success. The feedback from Chapel had been very positive in respect of performances, venue, programme and we should aim to repeat it.   

The Raffle was not a success and we need to review how we hold them in future. Have only 2 or 3 prizes? Combine prizes into one ‘hamper’ to make them more attractive.

Raffle tickets ran out!

The Introductions could have been better – a ‘compere’?

Should we have had wine?

We should discuss with Tattiana what she plays. Maybe a little less highbrow?

Ladies were asked to be at the URC too early.

7.             Future Events. 

  1. D.Hyde’s written report:

Bridlington in 2020 – ask Sec Reps how many are likely to go? This to be done by 11th July.

Cornwall International Male Choral Festival 2021 - usually in early May. Are we interested? The answer is – Yes, in principle. Please get more details.

  1. Llandudno – a coach with toilet has been reserved.

  2. Joint with Flint Ladies – How many are available to sing?

  3. R. Jenner - believes that our commitments between the August break and Christmas are possibly grouped too close together thereby  making Robert’s job a bit harder in terms of putting together a programme and rehearsing that programme - understanding that we can use much of the same music because the various concerts are mainly out of town, nevertheless the proposed Remembrance would be slightly different? and Langley also?

  4. Isle of Man – The secretary reported that the coach was currently oversubscribed but if, nearer the day, that was still true he would take a car and passengers to Heysham, leaving it in the secure carpark at £12 per 24 hours. 

Section Representatives.

T1. It was general felt that in future compering should be brief.

T2. Nil

B1. Nil

B2. Nil

10.   AOB. 

a) The letter from Mervyn. Lovatt should be circulated to the Committee for discussion.

b) Sponsorship should be scheduled in for one of the early Project Meetings.

c) Website Development also to be on the list for discussion at a Project Meeting. We should consider using the IT departments of local schools and colleges.

d) J. Robinson requested that the Concert Secretary be asked to look into an Event/Concert supporting the proposed Christie Development.

e) The Annual Summer Break should be added to the Events Diary.

f) The Secretary advised that, after discussions with his predecessor, there was an urgent need for:

   i) a section within the Choir’s records where templates of all the documents in regular use can be easily accessed. He has opened one and confirmed that everything is now there. 

   ii) in addition to the paper records a complete database where all the Choir’s records are held electronically is required. This is now in existence for 2018 and 2019. It is held securely and backed up hourly with 2 additional offline back ups monthly.

  iii) an active system of ‘Succession Planning’ to ensure that we have continuity. The first task is to ensure that detailed Job Descriptions exist for each position. Some do, but he will now address the rest. 

Date of next meeting. 

Wednesday 7th August.

There being no further business the chairman thanked members for their attendance and closed the meeting at 21:49 pm. 

Signed as a correct record………………………………. (Chairman)………………….. (date)