MACCLESFIELD MALE VOICE CHOIR Minutes of the General Committee Meeting
3rd August 2021 at 6:30pm – Morton Hall Macclesfield

The meeting was called to order by HN at 6:30pm.

  1. Present: Harry Newton (Chairman), John Robinson (Vice Chairman), Bob Jenner (Treasurer), Robert Owens (Director of Music), Bryan Peak (T2 Rep), Mike Batson (B1 Rep), John Powell (B2 Rep). Keith Jones, Neil McArthur.

  2. Apologies for Absence: Graham Waters (Secretary), David Collins (T1 Rep)

  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Proposed as a correct record by JP, seconded by JR and

    approved by all present.

  4. Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting:

a) Preparations for Singing Open Day event

MB will lead a small team of stewards who will take attendees’ contact details for Covid purposes and for any potential new choir members. Attendees will be encouraged to sit in discreet family groups, leaving sensible social distancing gaps.

RO will introduce the format for the afternoon which will be a session by BackBeat, some informal group singing to involve all present and a session by MMVC. Attendees will be asked to provide feedback on the event.

Jan Wilkin will follow up after the event re any potential expressions of interest in the choir.

HN will provide individual small bottles of water for distribution in the foyer to avoid any unnecessary circulation.

Toilet facilities are available but not the kitchen

5. AOB:

  1. a)  The committee noted that Audrey Skelton had resigned from her position as “refreshments and front of house” organiser. GW has already thanked her on behalf of the choir. It was agreed that HN would send her a card and garden centre voucher.

  2. b)  KJ advised that the work of the Strategy Group has now basically been completed and he proposed that the Group be suspended unless/until future developments dictate a need for further action. The committee agreed. The only ongoing item is the potential to establish a youth choir which RO will pursue. There is the possibility of some grant funding from CEC to help with this.

  3. c)  RJ updated the meeting re the new uniform. The current “target” for an initial use would be the November BackBeat concert or possibly the Mayor’s civic service on 10th October. The uniform group has picked two potential fabrics, both in dark blue and the supplier will provide samples of each based on measurements provided by members. The supplier will open a credit account for the choir so that we can demonstrate we are spending the grants and they can hold unspent funds to cover future members. Other items – shirts, ties, pocket squares and possibly suit carriers– will be provided at a future date. If necessary, we can begin with member own white shirts and the existing choir tie but this would be temporary and only if timescale dictated.

  4. d)  JP raised a concern that he was unclear as to the future performance path of the choir, i.e. its repertoire, thoughts on competitions etc. RO said the medium term plan had to be to get the choir back on its feet, so the current varied style would continue. There is potential to include new items such as themed events in due course. He would like to see one “large” event a year; an away trip; another shot at Llangollen etc.

  5. e)  NM will update the note to supporters to include Saturday’s Open Singing event.

  6. f)  KJ had a meeting with the mayor’s events organiser and they have confirmed they will cover any choir costs for the civic service.

  7. g)  BP will contact GW to enquire about the first steps needed prior to calling the AGM, e.g. nomination forms.

Date of next meeting: tba
Close: The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 7.29 pm.