Minutes of a Special General Meeting

Broken Cross Methodist Church Macclesfield.

27th September 2021 at 7:00pm –


The meeting was called to order by Chairman H. Newton at 7:00pm.


Present:  Harry Newton (Chairman), John Robinson (Vice Chairman), Bob Jenner (Treasurer), Robert Owens (Director of Music), Bryan Peak (T2 Rep), Mike Batson (B1 Rep), John Powell (B2 Rep). Keith Jones, + 24 Choir Members eligible to vote.


The Chairman explained why he was proposing that, as published, the Membership approve there was no need to hold the 2021 AGM and that the next AGM is held in Jan 2022.

He confirmed that, with the exception of the Election of Officers, all the necessary business that would normally be carried out at the 2021 AGM had been concluded. All current Officers had agreed that, if so approved, they would continue in position until the 2022 AGM.


The Chairman asked for a show of hands and the proposal was carried unanimously.



The Chairman closed the meeting at 7:15.